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Stiles & Rudderow families

A Genealogy of the Descendants of Robert Stiles

1. Robert1 Stiles, accompanied by his sister Lucy,* emigrated, from England, (probably Staffordshire [ John Clements’ Emigrant Settlers of Newton Township, Old Glouchest Co.; N.J. mentions him as a Staffordshire Englishman who settled at Cooper’s Creek, Waterford (now Delaware Co.” and that the “settled on the north side of the south branch of Peuissuken Creek.” page 226.]) about the year 1680, and was among the early settlers of New Jersey. His first settlement was at Philadelphia, Pa. [First Tax List of Philadelphia Co. 1693. Robert Stiles taxed 6 shillings Penn. Mag. Hist. and Biog., No 1, Vol. 8, March 1884.], where and also at Gloucester, New Jersey., he established a business of which Gabriel Thomas, the first historian of that Colony says: “The trade of Gloucester County consists chiefly in Pitch, Tar, and Rosin, the latter of which is made by Robert Styles, an excellent Artist is that sort of work, for he delivers it [rosin] as clear as any Gum Arabick”. In 1695, he purchased of Charles Read, 425 Ares of land lying on the branches of Penissakin Creek, Three miles west of Moorestown, Chester Township, Burlington County, N. J. Though it is not certain that Robert ever dwelt on this purchased land, yet is has been Occupied by his son and sons’s descendants from generation to generation, and portions of it are still in the possession of the family.
Robert Stiles married Priscilla Howell, [daughter of Thomas, Howell and Catherine.--- Early settlers of New Jersey and formerly of Staffordshire England]; but whether this marriage took place in England or in America is not know.. The date of death for Robert Stiles is not known.
2 . I. Robert,2 ; married Sara Rudderow [his cousin] see Family 2, below
3 . II. John, 2 ; died young and was buried in the Friends’ Burying Ground in Philadelphia, Feb. 15, 1694.
4 . III. Martha,2 ; (probably); married Thomas Cole, (son of John Cole and Alice Collins).

Robert2 Stiles, Jr., [2] (Robert,1 ) married his cousin Sarah, Rudderow, daughter of John Rudderow and Lucy Stiles, and settled on the tract of land purchased by his father on Peuisauken Creek. Robert Stiles died Dec. 24, 1728, leaving a will, which follows:
“In the name of God, amen. Being weak of body, but of sound mind and memory, Praised be the lord for th blessings! Being willing to settle in order all that Estate which God hath blessed me with, Declare this to be my last will and testament. Imp .I give & bequeath my soul to God & I appoint my body t be disposed of at the discretion of my Executors. Item, I give and bequeath to my son Robert Stiles and to his heirs and assigns forever, On Half of my land. Ant the other half I give to my son Ephraim Stiles, his heirs and assigns forever.” He also provides for Nicholas and Sarah “and for the child yet unborn.” All his personal property “quick and dead” he gives to his beloved wife Sarah, whom he appoints Executrix. Witnesses, John Inskup, John Chambers, Jr., and Joseph Heritage. Affirmed before Samuel Bustill. Jr. {Recorded. in Secretary of State’s Office, Trenton , N. J.]
6 I Robert3 , Married hannah Burroughs. [Family 3]
7 I I Ephraim3, Married Mary Lippincott [Family 4]
8 III Nicholas3, born 1728, married Mary McCurdy; Nicholas Stiles was named after
Nicholas Gaulau., [Family 5]
9 IV Sarah3
10 V Isaac3 born after his fathers death [Family 6}
[Clement, in his Emigrant Settlers of Newton, erroneously gives the 1st two sons, Robert and Ephraim, to Robert,1; as well as the death date of the father.

* Lucy Stiles, became the wife of John Rudderow
John Ruderow, tradition says, had come to America, as s surveyor, some little time before (reign of Charles II,) the coming of Robert Stiles and his sister, and, being discouraged with his prospects her, contemplated a return to his old home, which coming to the knowledge of William Penn, that gentleman offered him, as an encouragement to stay, a “square” of land in Philadelphia; which, however, failed to bring contentment to him. While thus awaiting a chance to sail, a vessel arrived from England, among whose passengers were Robert Stiles and his sister Lucy, to whom he was under an engagement of marriage. So, as his heart was now satisfied, he objected no longer to tarrying on this side of the ocean — was soon wedded to the girl of his choice, and purchasing a tract of land on Pennesauken Creek, nearly or quite adjoining Robert Stiles’ land, he built for himself a house and settled there. Their children were:
i. Mary,Rudderow, born 1681; married Nicholas Gaulau [a frenchman] resident of Philadelphia, who died soon after marriage, leaving no children, He was devotedly attached to his wife, Mary, and willed his large fortune entirely to her. Mary Rudderow married 2nd, Joshua Maddoc. Joshua Maddoc and his wife Mary (Rudderow), widow of Nicholas Gaulau were interred in Christ Church Burial Ground, Fifth and Arch Streets, Philadelphia— near the grave of Benjamin Franklin. The Inscription of their tablet reads thus: ”Here lieth the Body of Joshua Maddoc/ who departed this life April 28, 1759/ aged 74 years. Also of / Mrs. Mary Maddoc, his wife, who died/ August 5th, 1783/ aged 102 years.
Mary Rudderow and Joshua Maddoc had a daughter, Mary Maddoc, married John Wallace, who had a son John, who died at an advanced age in 1883, a well known citizen of Philadelphia and President of the Pennsylvania Historical Socitey.
ii. Hannah 2 Rudderow, married William Hollingshead, son of William Hollingshead
iii. Rebecca 2 Rudderow died young.
iv Ann; 2 Rudderow, married Samuel Davis, a large Landholder.
v Sarah 2 Rudderow married her cousin, Robert Stiles, son of Robert Stiles and Priscilla
Howell . Settled on the original Robert Stiles Tract.
vi John, 2 Rudderow, born March 15, 1694; married Elizabeth Hollingshead Family 2.
vii Daughter,2 Name unknown
viii Daughter,2 Name unknown
ix Daughter,2 Name unknown

John 2Rudderow, , (John 1 ) born March 15, 1694; Married Elizabeth Hollingshead, daughter of William Hollingshead; became in time owner of the paternal estate, on which he died and was buried in Cole’s Church yard, May 13, 1769, aged 75 years on the date of his burial. Children:
i. Grace 3, married, 1st, 1746, Jacob Lippincott; md. 2nd John Wilson.
ii. Mary 3, married Samuel Thomas

11. Robert 3 Stiles [6] (Robert2 , Robert1 ,) married 1st, 1753 Hannah Burroughs, born 1724, died in 1756. , [daughter of Samuel Burroughs and Ann Gray*] [ * Ann Gray is daughter of Richard Gray]... They were married in Haddonfield meeting of Friends, of which they were members; and resided on that portion of the farm willed to Robert by his father. Robert married 2nd, 1757. in Chester Meeting of Friends, Mary Hollingshead, [widow of Jonathan Ellis and daughter of William Hollingshead [Clement’s Hist. of Newton Township. N. J. ] . Robert married 3rd, April 30, 1766, Margaret Smallwood‡‡Record [German Reformed Ch. Philadelphia ] . Robert Stiles died in 1770, leaving a will and appointing his “beloved wife Margaret,” and his “trusty and well beloved brother-in-law, Isaac Mickle,” executors..
Children; by first marriage:
I Hannah,4 married, in 1772, Samuel Roberts, of Chester Township, Burlington County, N.J. Hannah Stiles Roberts Died 1835. Children
i. Rachel 5 Roberts, born 1773; married Job Dudley.
ii Sarah 5 Roberts, born 1776; married George Matlack.
iii Mary 5 Roberts, born 1779; married Joshua Lippincott
iv Enoch 5 Roberts, born 1787, married Ann Matlack
v Samuel 5 Roberts, born 1789, married Sarah Evans.
vi Hannah 5 Roberts, born 1792, married Levi Lippincott
vii Asa 5 Roberts, born 1795, married Ann Lippincott
20 II Isaac,4 married 1785, Rachel Glover,[daughter of John and Mary Glover] Family 7.
[John Glover was from Long Island perhaps a son of Samuel and Sarah, of
Southold 1675]
III Mary,4, married 1st, 1741, Thomas Glover, 2nd Peter Thompson
Children; by second, or more probably by the third marriage:
IV Robert.4
V Priscilla 4, married Feb. 24, 1785, Isaac Smallwood

Stiles Family 4
Ephraim Stiles, [7] (Robert^2, Robert^1,) Married Mercy Lippincott [daughter of Thomas Lippincott and Mercy Alllen .
Ephraim Stiles died in 1771. Mercy death date unknown..
Children 4th generation
I Sarah Stiles, married Reese Edwards.. Their children were: i. Phebe Edwards, married ___ Hall; ii. Thomas and iii, Samuel Edwards, twins;
iv. Hannah Edwards.
30 II Thomas Stiles, Born December, 1751; Married 1st Ann Brown; Married 2nd, [Family 8]
III Robert Stiles, born 1753
IV William Stiles, Married Mary Bishop of Salem Co., N.J.
V Ephraim Stiles, born ---, Elizabeth Buck of Cumberland co., N. J.
VI Jesse Stiles, Married Mary Sheldon
VII Phebe Stiles, married Ephraim Tomlinson
VIII Mercy Stiles, died, 1849, married Thomas Deacon; Their children were: i. Ephraim Deacon; ii. Phebe Deacon; iii. Martha Deacon;
40 IX Reuben Stiles, married Elizabeth Murrell; [Family 9]
X Freedom Stiles, married and went West
XI Samuel Stiles l, Married Mary McCurdy; They had a daughter : i. Martha Stiles, married Charles Dulles; Martha & Charles had daughter Mary M.

Stiles Family 5
Nicholas ³ Stiles, [8] (Robert ² Robert, ¹ ) Born 1728; married Elizabeth Sherwin, Jan 23, 1750. Their marriage bond , or contract, now on file in the State House at Trenton, N. J., reads as follows:
Know all men by these Presents, that we, Nicholas Stiles of Chester, in the County of Burlington, Yeoman, and Nicholas Ward of the same place, yeoman, are holden and do stand justly indebted unto his Excellendy Jonathan belcher, Esq., Governor of New jersey, in the sum of Five Hundred Pounds, current lawful money of New Jersey, to be paid to the said Jonathan Belcher, his successors or assings, for the which payment well and truly to be made and done, we do bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, and every of them jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals. Dated this Twenty-third day of Januray, Ann;o Domini, one thousand seven hundred and fifty.
The ‘Condition of this Obligation is such, That Whereas, the above bounden Nicholas Stiles hath obtained a license of Marriage fro himself of the one party, and for Elizabeth Sherwin of the same place, Spinster, of the other party:
Now if it shall not hereafter appear , that they the said Nicholas Stiles and Elizabeth Sherwin have any lawful let or impediment of pre-contract, affinity or consqanguinity to hiner their abeing joined in the holy bands of Matrimony, and afterwards their living together as man and wife, then this obligation to be void , or else to stand and remain in full force and virtue.
Sealed and delivered in the presence of us Jo: Scattergood Nicholas Stiles His mark Nicholas Ward, his mark.

Nicholas stiles died at the age of 84 [Authors note: In 1858, we received from James Stiles of Bridgton, N. J., note of a Job Stiles, then (1858) 89 years old, native of Burlinton Co., J. J. --- son of Nicholas Stiles, born in Burlington Co., 1758, and who died Age 84. H.R. S.]
I Isaac, married Oct. 28, 1776, Grace Price, both of Evesham, Burlington Co., J. J. [ record in office of Sec. of State, Trenton, N.J.—H.R.S.] Had a daughter
Rachel, who Married Richard Glover.
II Joseph, married Elizabeth Furness. Went West.
III Anna, married Richard Heritage
IV Rebecca, married William Hollingshead
V Levi, married Priscilla Antrim
VI James married Abigail Evans
VII Job married Jemima Wheaton [Authors note: In 1858, we received from James Stiles of Bridgton, N. J., note of a Job Stiles, then (1858) 89 years old,
native of Burlinton Co., N.J. --- son of Nicholas Stiles, born in Burlington Co., 1758, and who died Age 84. H.R. S.]
VIII Elizabeth Married William Peacock, went west
IX Priscilla, married John Osler

Family 6
Isac,³ Stiles, [10] (Robert,² Robert, ¹ ) Married Hannah Clark. Isaac Stiles died 1806 aged 78 years. So birth was about 1728
I Samuel, Stiles; Probably the one mention in Leah Blackmann’s account of the Stiles’ of Egg Harbor, J.J., as having removed from the middle part of Burlingtion county, about the close of the revolutionary War, and settled at Egg Harbor. He married Elizabeth Chew [daughter of Jesse Chew] and had may descendants of whom she gives account in the Settlers of Egg Harbor [Record of the above marriage is in Sec. State's Office, Trenton, n.J. which gives Samuel as of Greenwich township, Gloucester Co., N.J. --- and date of marriage April 2, 1783 -- H.R.S.]
II Nicholas Stiles
III Sarah Stiles
IV Priscilla Stiles

Familiy 7
Isaac Stiles, [20] [4th generation] (Robert, Robert, Robert,), married 1785, Rachel Glover, daughter of John Glover Isaac Stiles died 1823, Rachel died 1842.
Children 5th Generation
60 I. John, Married, in 1812, Hannah Bollinger, daughter of Levi Bollinger. [Family 10]
II Mary, married 1812, Samuel Matlack. Their daughter Rachel Matlack, married Henry W. Lippincott, and had 4 children: Abigail, Mary, Rebecca, Sarah
63 III Benjamin, married 1816, Martha Matlack. [Family 11]
IV Hannah, married Reuben Matlack
V Rachel, married Stacy Matlack. They had daughter: Rachel S. Matlack, who married, ___ Taylor
VI Sarah, married Joel Roberts. They had a daughter: Caroline Roberts, who married ___Harmer, and had a daughter Laura.
VII Lydia, died 1858

Family 8
Thomas Stiles [30] [4th gen], (Ephraim, Robert, Robert) born December, 1751; married Oct 19, 1772, Ann Brown, [daughter of Henry Brown and Elizabeth ---], born 20 May 1754. Thomas Stiles died 1793. Mrs Ann Brown Stiles died 1827, in 7th month. [July 1827].
Children 5th Generation
71 I John, born 1773; married Elizabeth King _____, [Family 12]
II Hannah, born 1st mo. 20, 1776; married Thomas Davis, and died 4th mo. 1794, age. 18 years.
III Elizabeth, born 10th mo. 3, 1777; was engaged to be married; but her intended dying suddenly, she refused many subsequent offers of marriage, and devoted her whole life to doing good in the neighborhood where she lived, at the besides of the sich, or dying, by day or by night, without respect of persons; --- only thoughtful of what might contribute to their comfort. She died in a seren old age, in 1862, on the much –loved homestead, on almost the spot where she was born. Her memory is preserved by a simple marble in Colestown Cemetery. [this hint indicates that the family lived in or near Colestown, , New Jersey]
74 IV William, married Elizabeth Tatem, widow, daughter of Richard Borden and Catherine Taylor. [Family 13]
75 V Thomas, born 4th mo. 17, 1784; married Judith Roberts, Widow, daughter of Isaac Morgan and Sarah Ridgeway ; [Family 14}
76 VI Amos, born Dec. 12, 1786; Married Dedorah Githens, [Family 15]

Family 9
Reuben Stiles, [40] [4th gen], , 40, (Ephraim, Robert, Robert,) , born 1760; married Nov. 22, 1780, Elisabeth Murrell, [daughter of Levi Murrell, and Rebecca Scattergood, A Letter of Rev. Dr. W. T. Tomlinson, Providence, R. I., gives the surname of Rebecca Scattergood], of Burlington, Jew Jersey. The family resided at Burlington, J.J. Reuben Stiles died Nov. 27, 1823, age 62 years, 2 months. Mris. Elizabeth Murrell stiles died jJan. 21, 1829, ae. 64 years, 10 months.
78 I Levi, married Mary Kent, of Philadelphia; settled at Burlington , J.J. [Family 16]
. .II Rebecca, Married John Smith. Resided in 1884 at Mt. Holly, Burlington Co., N.J.
III Sarah, married Samuel Sexton, of Burlington, and ; removed to Ohio, Thence to Illinois
IV Elizabeth, married Moses Pippet; removed to Ohio, Thence to Illinois
82 V Joseph, married a lady from New York City. Famnily 17
VI Phebe, married Lewis Woodward; settled at Mullica Hill, Gloucester Co., N.J.
VII Mary, born 19 July 1796; Married March 27 March 1817, Benjamin Tomlinson, of Philadelphia, born 6 June 1795. Their children were:
i Elizabeth Tomlinson, [6th gen],born 20 Feb1818; Married 24 Sept. 18449, William T. Severns; resided in 1884, 462 Berkley st., Camden, N.J.
ii Reuben Stiles Tomlinson [6th gen] born 27 Dec 1819; died April 6, 1823.
Iii Richard Tomlinson, [6th gen], twins, born 23 feb. 1822, Richard died 22 Dec. 1823
Iv Mary Ann Tomlinson, [6th gen.], twin, born 23 feb. 1822; Mary died april 11, 1847.
v Harriet Tomlinson, born 24 Aug. 1824; married Johnc C. Moore, of Philadelphia, 27 Marach 1843. He died at Camden, N.J.. She resides [1884]
at Camden, N.J.
vi Adaline Tomlinson born Oct. 22, 1826rried Theodore F. Woodward, Aug. 3, 1869. in 1884 resided Camden, N.J.
vii Charles Weldon Tomlinson, born at Philadelphia, 27 Aug 1828; Married Mary Lydia Newcomb, [daughter of Col. Hezekiah Newcomb and Nancy
Rounds, at Homer, N.Y. Where, in July of 1850, he became pastor of a mission Church in Homer, N.Y. and remained three years. …
His, Charles Weldon Tolinson's children are
a Frank Newcomb tomlinson born at Cooperstown, N. Y., March 21, 1855; resides Detroit Mich. unmarried [in 1884]
b Charles Benjamin Tomlinson, born at Cooperstown, N.., Oct 8, 1858; died Sept. 9, 1859
c Cora May Tomlinson, born at Cooperstown, N.., 18 april 1865; Married Chales H. Buffington, of Taunton, Mass. …
vii Sarah Frances Tomlinson, [6th gen], born at Philadelphia, 1 Nov. 1830. Single, resides in Camden , J.J.
ix Benjamin Franklin Tomlinson, [6th gen.] born at Philadelphia, 1 Nov. 1832, enlisted under first call for 3 months’ men, in 1861.
Was Second Lieut. Reenlisted and was made First Lieut. ; but died at home before going again to the field, of typhoid fever, contracted in camp.
August 8, 1861, aged 28 yers, 6 months, 8 days.
x Martha Stiles Tomlinson[6th gen.], born at Philadelphia, 11 June 1835. Unmarried. Grad. of Philadelphia. Normal School.
Has taught in Philadelphia; Hudson, New York; and in 1884, has been and is now teaching 8 or 9 years in Danbury, Conn.
VIII Edward, Married Margaret White. Family 18
IX Reuben M., married Martha Sipler. Family 19

Family 10
John Stiles [60] [5th generation], (Isaaac, Robert, Robert, Robert); Married 1812, Hannah Bollinger, [daughter of Levi Bollinger
I Samuel
II Priscilla
III Levi, married Ann Roberts, [daughter of Enoch Roberts and Ann ___
IV David
V John

Family 11
Benjamin Stiles [63] [5th Generation] Married, 1816, Martha Matlack
I Elizaabeth, married Richard Bond
II Isaac, Married Eleanor Wilkins
III Joseph B., married Lydia Burrough, [dau. Of Jos. A. Burrough]
IV Mary, married Joseph Haines.
V Benjamin, married Anna Wilson [dau. Of Thomas Wilson Hd 2 children.

Family 12
John Stiles, [71] [5th Generation}, (Thomas, Ephraim, Robert, Robert) married Elizabeth King
I Ann Stiles married --- Haines; Ann died 1838. their children were:
i Elwood Haines
ii Jane Haines
iii Eliza Haines
iv Lydia Haines
II Stacy, married Susan Bollinger; family 20
III Matilda, Married Richard Edwards; Matilda died 1876; Their children were:
i Joseph Edwards
ii Elizabeth Edwards
iii John Henry Edwards
iv Franklin Edwards
v Martha Ann Edwards

William Stiles[74] , [5th generation], (Thomas, Ephraim, Robert, Robert ) ; Married Elizabeth Borden Tatem, Widow and Daughtaer of Richard Borden and Catherine Taylor. They resided at Chester Township, Burlington Co. , J.J. William Stiles passed through great affliction in the loss of most of his children just as they severally reached maturity; but he bore it in a lofty spirit of resignation. He was a man of generous and hospitable character. He died on the Homestead, in 1861, aged 80 years.. His wife Elizabeth died 1844
Children: , [6th gen.]
I Thomas], born 6 mo.25, 1812; Died April 6, 1832; age 20.
II John B., born July 15, 1812; died April 6, 1832, age 19.
III Rachel, born Oct. 31, 1814; died 1874.
IV Hannah A., born Feb. 12,1816; died 1873;
V Abigail, born Jan. 31, 1819; died Jan 1 1847. age almost 28.
VI Keziah, born Jan 15, 1822, died Dec. 7, 1846; age almost 25
VII Richard, born May 20, 1825; Died June 1840, age 15.

Thomas Stiles, [75] , [5th generation], (Thomas, Ephraim, Robert, Robert ) born 4 mo. 17, 1784; married Judith Morgan Roberts, widow, daughter of Isaac Morgan and Sarah Ridgeway. He was very fond of scientific pursuits and was considered to have g great ability in that direction. H died 23 mo. 21, 1849. His wife Judith Morgan Stiles died 2 mo. 22, 1856.
Children: , [6th gen.]
I Sarah Morgan, married john Needles, formerly of Easton Md.; later of Philadelphia. Resides [1885] Haddonfield, N. J.; She is the author of this genealogy.
II William, married 1st, Mary Browning Hatch; Married 2nd, Elizabeth L. Ackley. Family 21.
III Thomas B., married Emma Brown, daughter of Benjamin B. Brown and Lydia Baker.
IV B. Morgan, married Carrie D. Weiler, daughter of John Weiler and Margaret Dennis

Family 15
Amos Stiles, [76] [5th generation], (Thomas, Ephraim, Robert, Robert ) Born Dec 12, 1786; married Deborah Githens. Amos Stiles was an active business man, and occupied some public trusts in Burlington County. He was one of the judges of the Court for many years. He resided and died at Moorestown, J. J., 1855. His wife Deborah Githens Stiles died May 1, 1866.
“When the British army were on their march from Philadelphia t Monmouth a part of it passed through this village [Moorestown]; they encamped on the night of June 19, 1778, on land now owned by Amos Stiles and Benjamin Warrington, about 300 yaards from the Friends’ Meeting House.” [from Barber and Howe’s Histo. Colledtion of New Jersey, page 98, [1846} – H.R.S.
Children: , [6th gen.]
I Rebecca Stiles, married Isaac Saunders, Children; Richard Saunders, Horace Saunders, Joseph Saunders, William Saunders, and
Maria Saunders, who married William Hoeniger; and had children Frank Hoeniger, Augusta Hoeniger, and William Hoeniger.
II Franklin Stiles, married ann --- and had a son Franklin Stiles who died 1879
III Amos Stiles, married Caroline Chamberlain, they had a child, Laura V. Stiles
IV Montgonery Stiles, married Adaline B. Aracher. Montgonery died 1873.
They had a child, William A Stiles, who married Hettie Wilkinson; they had one child, Adaline B. Stiles. William A. Stiles died 1885.

Levi Stiles, [78] [5th Generation] (Reuben, Ephraim, Robert, Robert). Married ___
I Waarder, In 1885 he resided at Burlington, N. J.
II William, In 1885 he resided at Burlington, N. J.

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